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Best reviews from our delighted customers

"My client was very happy wit the service and food provided by ur team... Thank you so much for accommodating us... I shud mention to you that Uncle Raymond did a great job. We shall do future events together..."


"We would like to thank u for the fabulous spread. Our guests have only positive comments!"


"Thanks many of them said the food is nice. You are reliable and your team was good 👍🏻"


"Thanks for today, most of my guest like the food and service. Hero is good and helpful..Thanks again 😊"


"Thanks a lot for today. Everyone enjoyed the food (particularly the fried sotong!)."


"thanks for everything. great food and services. 👍🏻👍🏻"


"Good food as always 👍🏻. Please extend our gratitude towards your helpful staff as well"


"Just to say a big TQ for ur good/delicious food n service. Will recommend u"


"Thank you, food is very good esp the kapitan chicken and mutton rendang"


"My father in law said the Kaliyah chicken is good. Haha, I guess for the first time he finally get to sit down and enjoy the food, cos he didn’t have too many guest to layan."


"Thanks for the catering service! Your men r fantastic n very pro in their field"


"Good afternoon, I am emailing from London and have recently attended a function in Petaling Jaya and my hosts catered the food from your company. Firstly i will say that the food was very nice indeed and the staff were extremely helpful and professional. I hope you can help me with a question - there was a table served with Malay sliced up cakes (kuih) - again very tasty indeed and one of the cakes was exceptionally nice. I believe it was made from tapioca and there was a topping which was coconut rolled in brown sugar and cut into squares. As i live in the UK it is not easy to find out more - but can kindly let me know the name of this cake, please. I will really love to enjoy more of this cake when i am in Kuala Lumpur again- so any information will be appreciated. I look forward to your cuisine. Thanks once again for a delightful selection and presentation of food."


"Everyone loves the food. Had good reviews again"


"We would like to Thank You for your kind and excellent support to us.

Today’s food was delicious and everyone feedback that they enjoyed the delicious food."


"Thank you, the staff are very satisfied with the services provided."


"Most of my colleague like your food very much! Still have some balance but quite reasonable.

Thank you for your service."


"Your 2 waiters assigned to us yesterday and today did a good job.

They were attentive and very helpful. We are very happy with their service. Thanks."


"Thank you the event is a success... n sorry for the sudden chg of date..."


"Very good feedback & comments from my guests on yr nasi lemak last night 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.

Will recommend to them. Thanks."


"Thanks for the good food and responsible waiters.

The male staff is very helpful and polite."


"a v big thank you for tonite fud arrangement etc...everything goes smoothly.."


"Food was very good. Thx a million."


"Thank you very much for your service and your staff were great .

Till next time"


"Thank you, and thank you to your staff as well, they were really professional and nice!"


"Asri and uncle are both very professional and helpful 👍🏻"


"Great service from your staffs especially Cap. Raymond.

Looking forward for your service for our upcoming POCCM events. Tq"


"Thank you too for your great team lead by Raymond. Very helpful and everything went smoothly plus nice food."


"The food was fantastic last night. Thanks to you and your team."


"Again thanks for accommodating us at such short notice, food & services are superb as well."


"I wanted to give you guys 5 star rating. Best service ever. Your team yesterday is awesome."


"Please also pass our thanks to your staff for a job well done and for helping us with setup as well. Thanks!"


"Thanks for preparing Raya lunch for us, I hear many people raving how good is the food.

My colleague even declared: I am very full & super satisfied!

Thanks again! My other colleague also commented that this is so far the best lunch they had in group risk event."


"I wish to compliment the food and great service provided by your staff."


"Tqvm. My guest commented food was delicious."


"one of your serving staff was fabulous & received lots of praises for him. 👍🏻"


"Very well prepared bro. Thank you for everything bro. Great job.

Feedback from all my guest on the food is positive as well."


"Thanks for the service and the great food. My colleagues all thumb-up."


"Tq so much for very good service, keep up. May God continue to bless ur business."


"Just a follow up note to express our satisfaction with H&H's catering! We've catered for the full moon celebration of all our 3 children and yours was the best for the same price. We're only sorry we didn't discover H&H earlier. We'll definitely be recommending you."


"People keep saying ur food nice. ur workers really helpful"


"Hi, had a very great time last night! The service is good! Thank you very much for the service"


"Thank you for the excellent service. Your waiter was really good."


"Thank you so much for your crews’ services today, they’re very on time and very good service as well. I apologies if there’s any inconvenience caused throughout the process of engaging your service. Thank you so much again! 😊"


"My team is happy with the foods n service provided by your company.. you are deserved for the compliment!"


"Thank you for the wonderful service we received on Saturday. We are satisfied with the services given and the clients were happy with the food. The set up was lovely and the timing was ok."


"Thanks for your team’s support at our event yesterday. As always, excellent service."


"Thanks for the catering. Ur staff is very friendly. Thank you for the services."


"Thank you for your services and food! Both were good!"


"Hi, the session is done. Your staff is packing the stuff. Generally feedbacks that I've received:

1. Food is very nice.

2. Staff are very helpful and polite.

I've let everyone know on ur shop. Well done."


"Thanks for your services and thanks for your friendly staff helping."


"THANK YOU so much for the wonderful service! Our guests raved about the food, especially the sotong!! haha even though we did not get to try all of them our own, we are so glad we had more than enough food and our guests loved it! We are so happy we chose you guys to be our caterers. Will recommend your food and service to our friends. Please keep up the great work, service and good food!"


"Thank you for the service. Look forward to working with you and your team again soon."


"Thanks again for your service and I would like to commend on the excellent job your service staff had provided during the day."


"Thanks for party. Everyone say so good. Standard still very good. Workers also nice.. Walking around serve drinks. Clean the whole place before they leave."


"Thanks for the great service earlier today."


"Thank you for the lovely food and service last night."


"The food is very nice and tasty. All of my guests very satisfied. Very positive feedback. Took your card d. I think you will have more business from us.... Good job!!"


"I would like to thank you for the wonderful service.My team and I had experienced good and passionate service from Raymond. He and his team are very helpful and accommodating. Thank you !"


"Thank you for the great service!"


"Again, I would like to say thank you for the previous arrangement at my place on March 18. My children loving the food so much and now they have requested me to make a take away arrangement for my daughter’s birthday dinner this coming Sunday, April 23."


"The food was really good, well presented and staff are friendly. Thanks for the great service.. J"


"Thanks for the service. Everybody enjoyed the food."


"Just want to let you know the guests enjoy the food we catered, especially the sweet & sour fish, fish fillet curry, beef rendang. A big thank you."


"Good morning, the party last night was good & Raymond & his gangs did a fantastic job serving."


"Thanks a lot for your catering service yesterday. Nice food & also thanks for your people give a good service."


"Thank you very much for the arrangement and the food was great. Thank you for the helpful staff as well."


"Thank you for the food being served. It was very nice and my colleagues are very enjoying with it J."


"Thanks for your prompt reply and gracious gesture in providing this extra service to us. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation on behalf of BPGC, and will always be happy to recommend your services to any of members and friends requiring catering services in the time ahead."


"Thanks for catering last Wednesday. The guests were really happy with the food."


"Many thanks. Once again your guys did a great job."


"Thank you for the catering services. The guests love the food."


"From the bottom of our hearts..we Nasom Parents would like to say a big thank you to u for giving us hold dis event and a successful one too. Thank you for ur great services,supports for the free hall n delicious fud..parents,kids enjoyed it v v much. Once again..tq"


"Thank you very much for my party. Food was good. Staff was friendly and polite. Raymond is helpful. Very happy with your service."


"Thanks for everything. Food was so good ..everyone are so happy. Your workers are great"


"Hi, wish to let you know that the fried mee hoon is very good it was finished the fastest! Will order from you again in future. Thanks!"


"We would like to thank you for your good services in making today luncheon success."


"Please send my thanks to the two waiters on duty that day. They were very professional, friendly and efficient.

The food was really good too."


"Your waiter service was very good and they were very helpful and nice."


"Tq for the catering services last night. The food was good, portions were big and enough for the guests. Your workers also did their job well."


"Thank you very much H&H catering for your service. Double thumbs up! Alhamdulillah, foods were great! Lots of ppl took your business card"


"My family & I thank you sincerely for the good food & good service last night. We were bless to have you around."


"Just to let you know – the food is delicious! We are very happy with your catering!"


"Excellent food and service yesterday."


"Thank a lot for yesterday good foods and nice and cozy function place. Also thank to your good service staff."


"Client was very happy with the food today – and I was super happy stuffing my face ! Thanks"


"Thank you for the catering arrangement on Monday. It was nice and tasty."


"We have good feedback on the food especially the kapitan chicken, sotong and rendang. Good service from the 2 waiters too. We will definitely be a returning customer & would recommend your catering services to friends and family. Till then, merry xmas and wishing you good business for years to come"


"Very good service from your guys last night. And very good food."


"Thank you so much once again for everything and the food was amazing!"


"Greetings, and hope all is well :) Thank you for the superb arrangements for my brother's pre-wedding dinner catering early this year. My sister-in-law has just delivered, and we would like to engage your services once again to cater for my nephew's full moon dinner"


"I just want to express a big THANK YOU to the two staff today. I think Raymond and another guy ( I didn’t manage to get his name). Both of them were excellent! We were very pleased with the services rendered by them, they were friendly, professional and very polite. They were proactively re-filling our drinks, cleaning our plates when is required and even ensure that food is sufficient to be distributed to the 2 sessions that I had today. Please express my gratitude to them. J . Thank you very much."


"I would like to thank you for your service for our company month end gathering last Friday. Please be informed that the food that you served are very well and pleasant. I’m getting lots of positive feedbacks on your services. So I thank you again. I hope we will engage with you again in the future."


"The food were delicious and we were very happy with the service provided to us."


"HUGE THANKS for the wonderful food last Saturday night, and all the arrangements which turned out well. Sorry I didn't talk to you while bumping into you in the middle of the corridor - I had a brain freeze and forgot your name at the time. We're very pleased with the food and all the guests commented on how tasty it was. They all loved it."


"My daughter and son in law catered your food for her wedding in Janda baik on 17th January. Wanted to say thank you! Everyone loved the food! It was wonderful. Kudos to the chef/chefs!"


"Wanted to say Thanks for catering for my son's birthday. The food was good, everyone enjoyed it. But the best part were the 2 waiters that came. They were so helpful and did a really good job!"


"Thank you for your arrangement last night. It was very nice staff night and we totally enjoyed your food and service. Again, we really appreciate you."


"thanks – your team was great, food was excellent and we loved the way they had brought plastic bags so people could take food home. We’ll certainly be recommending your company in future."


"It's a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thank for providing us with the best. Guest said that food was good and your servers esp Raymond was good."


"Thank you very much for the arrangements did on last Saturday. The foods served were in good taste and the service staffs are very good attitude. At here, we would like to special praise Raymond for his enthusiasm. Thank you very much for everything."


"Good day To You. The whole arrangements was good. The food was very nice too. Thank you very much for the wonderful service. Keep in contact."


"Thank you for your good service. If any, i will recommend you to my other friend. I knew H&H when i was working with Rentokil Initial, Pest Control branch at Taman Industri Sg. Buloh."


"Good day. Thank you very much for your service. The food was great and my guests had lots of nice things to say about it. Also your two service staff were very attentive and polite, especially Raymond who was really very good. My commendation and appreciation to him and all of you for making sure everything went smoothly for the buffet lunch and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends in KL who will need a similar service. Thank you."


"Thank you to you, your chef, Mr. Hero and friend and all the rest for the good and sumptuous food offered to us. The lunch went well and all the staff commended of the good food and services rendered to us. This time got the chance to taste all the dishes and its delicious. The portion is sufficient for all of us too….. Thank you, thank you. Looking forward for our next catering with yr esteemed company. J"


"Thank you very much for helping for the catering services. A lot of people are very happy with the food quality. Commendation to both of your staff for being helpful and polite. Very rare to find staff with this quality. Again, thank you very much for the catering services."


"Thank you again and I am very satisfied with the food and service provided."


"I just want to thank you for the delicious food and top notch service staff. Razak is so friendly and helpful during the whole event. Rest assure that my Co will continue to use your service. Have a good evening."


"Thank you very much for the excellent service and food for the lunch, everyone enjoyed it!"


"I’ve received numerous positive feedback for the event that day. Great experience for 1st trial. We’ll keep you in mind the next time we holds an event. Thank you. J"


"Thanks for the excellent service. As for the food it was fantastic! Feedback from my guests was-which caterer are you using! Some asking for you for their functions. I am giving them your details. Good!"


"Just to let you know that yesterday we + our guests had a wonderful Full Moon Party in your restaurant. Your food & services were excellent! Thank You!"


"I would just like to say thank you. The open house was a success and the food was amazing. The fish curry got rave reviews from all who came. We will definitely use your catering services again. "


"Our event last night went very well, and the food was excellent. Everyone was satisfied with the food and the service provided by the 2 servers who attended to our event. I would also like to thank the 2 servers who handled our event in a most professional and customer-focused manner. They were proactive and provided excellent service to our guests. I did not manage to get their names but please convey our thanks and appreciation to them for their wonderful service."


"Anyways, the food is excellent. Many of my guests liked it so much. Besides the food, we did not have to worry about the trash as the servers were very experienced and well organized. good job!"


"I would just like to mention that we were very satisfied with the catering of this evening in terms of presentation, service from the staff(s) and food taste & portions."